If Anybody Says Warner Bros is “Sitting On Their DC Properties” A Few Numbers

31 - The number of films based on DC Comics properties/imprints released during the “modern Marvel Cinematic Universe era” starting with Iron Man (and including titles from imprints like Icon) compared to Marvel’s 28.

16 - live-action films based on DC/Vertigo/Wildstorm properties released between 2004 and 9/21/2014)

27-  animated DC Comics-based films produced in that same period. Plenty more are in the works.

10 -  animated series in production and airing during that period, not including the DC Nation shorts. Teen Titans Go is still in production, Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles, a three-part series, debuts online this spring

3 - live-action series (2004 - 9/21/14) with five live-action series coming soon (Gotham starts Monday (9/21), The Flash starts in October, and Constantine starts later in the year, and I, Zombie and Preacher start in 2015) and several more in various states of pilot development with Lucifer actually airing soon on Fox.

Warner Bros is hardly a company “sitting on their DC properties.”



Genndy Tartakovsky’s “Popeye”. Get hyped.

These shots aren’t in the movie. They aren’t even in the trailer. This is just a “proof of concept” production that gives us a taste of what they’re going to do with this Popeye movie coming out in 2016.

That said, after looking at it, my interest went from about 40 to 200. These stills don’t do it justice by any stretch (pun intended). What we have here is a love letter to the original comics AND the Fleischer shorts that made the characters stars. Lots of stretch and pull rubbery action and hilarious to boot.

See for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=M1lzJuwJD9k

There’s a lot of love here.


 Warner Bros. developing animated “Justice League” series for Machinima http://www.toonzone.net/forums/dc-animation-forum/377691-warner-bros-developing-animated-justice-league-series-machinima.html

Three-part series, eh? 
"Darker versions." The Nolan/New52 model of heroes blurring the line between hero and villain continues in animation. Yay?
Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett? I’m in. 
Wait … is this going to be traditionally-animated or will it use a game engine to animate it? Just curious what it’ll look like.


 Warner Bros. developing animated “Justice League” series for Machinima

Three-part series, eh? 

"Darker versions." The Nolan/New52 model of heroes blurring the line between hero and villain continues in animation. Yay?

Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett? I’m in. 

Wait … is this going to be traditionally-animated or will it use a game engine to animate it? Just curious what it’ll look like.




So, on the Cybersix DVD, two of the episodes have “Linear Notes” commentary tracks by Brady Hartel who did not work on Cybersix but does work for Discotek Media and was heavily involved with getting the set produced. The notes are basically him sharing extensive research he’s done into the history of the source comics, how the show came to be, and why it only ran for 13 episodes.

But what you really need to know is that in the final arc of the original comics, Von Reichter’s big plot is to clone Jesus to conquer the world and get rich off making/selling official Jesus merchandise.image

My review of the DVD is forthcoming!

My boy Brady. Knew him for a long time in this internet life of mine. Talented as hell, and a definite eye for promotions and graphic design. Brother Ashura’s come a long way from making videos for CNX and the rest of Inner Circle alliance. So damned proud of him. 

And buy Cybersix from the good guys at Discotek. They’re doing a great job rescuing true classics in anime and I can’t wait to see what else they’ll release.

spooner-the-trinity asked:

What do you think would happen if Disney acquired Hasbro, and later Nintendo (When the Latter of which has acquired Capcom due to Financial Dire Straights)?

Let me put this on the record.

Disney’s not buying any major company any time soon. They don’t buy big companies, just small producers, and considering the Maker bid was probably way more than the company’s worth, they’re not in any rush to do so. 

Neither Hasbro nor Nintendo have stated they were for sale, and I doubt Disney would buy both if they were. 

And it’s dire straits, not dire straights. Capcom is okay and aren’t going to fade away to nothingness any time soon.



thoughtnami Thoughts?

Here’s what I don’t get about Big Cable.

People are tired of the same old cable systems, let alone paying prices for the same old channels. So they start getting rid of their cable services. More often than not, they’re still getting internet services from their cable companies because there isn’t much choice out there for the most part. 

But bless the folks trying to break out of the traditional cable paradigm creating something new. Sony TV’s service could have been truly unique, but by inviting the same old players doing the same old things, what’s the point? 

You might as well just keep your regular cable service if you’re not getting something revolutionary or unique. I fear what cable companies will do when it goes into effect, especially in this era when net neutrality is all but gone. 

jay-jay3 asked:

This might be a dumb question…but why hasn't Warner Bros. asked guys like Bruce Tim or Paul Dini for any kind of writing assistance for Batman v. Superman? I just re-watched "World's Finest," and it still holds up as one of the best animated superhero crossovers of all time. Heck, you could probably just as well adapt that movie for live-action just as easily in my opinion.

Mostly because live-action producers like Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan are influenced more by folks like Frank Miller to be honest, and Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice League Movie Franchise is a tribute to Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns, which is essentially not the best thing to base a sequel to Man of Steel on in the first place let alone any Superman-based production. 

And even though Timm and especially Dini has done work outside of animation, there’s still this air of “animation guys don’t know nothing about films” that persists. You’d think that they’d go to a trio like Timm, Dini, and Alan Burnett, who has a nearly a century’s worth of DC mythology building between the three of them and almost 25 years of successfully bringing these characters to life.

But no, that’d be easy.


Been Meaning to Ask You Guys about This



So now that Wolverine is going to “die” “forever,” it’s time for speculation! How would you kill Wolverine for good?

The theory in our home is that if you kept him submerged long enough, or shot him into space, eventually all of his cells would die and he couldn’t regenerate.

Chop his head off and then slice it into 4 pieces. Dismember his body. Shoot all the remains in opposite directions into space.  I think that’d kill him for good.


What did I just write?! o_0

Something dark, evil, and from the point of no return.

Now, to add to that. I’d burn every fiber of his hair, skin cells, and muscle tissue to make sure nothing atomic remains of his DNA down to the subatomic level.

Although to be fair, I’d keep a vial of his blood around. Cure some things out of this tragedy, you know.