A Batman/Wolverine Movie Will NEVER HAPPEN, So Get That Out Your Head

First of all, Fox is not going to buy Time Warner. It’s not going to happen because they can’t afford it and won’t survive the logistic hell from the FTC and FCC that involves the broadcast networks owned by the two companies (WPCH in Atlanta and half of The CW is owned by Time Warner while Fox, My Network TV, and MundoFox are owned by Fox, and there would have to be concessions, including dissolving The CW altogether, something Fox has wanted to do since The WB merged with UPN almost a decade ago). 

Also, the fact that they’d have to sell off CNN, which is a much larger news organization than Fox News/Sky News combined, seems laughable and myopic. The world is bigger than the United States. 

Speaking of laughable and myopic, fanboys are creaming themselves over a film they think could happen if Time Warner got taken over by 21st Century Fox. 

"We could get a Batman/Wolverine crossover movie."

No. No you won’t. 

See, even if DC Entertainment was acquired by 21st Century Fox (again, it’s not going to happen), they still won’t make a crossover film with a character from a competing studio/publisher, in this case Marvel Entertainment’s Wolverine. It’s nonsense to think Disney, owners of those Marvel characters, would even allow Fox to do it in the first place. I mean, remember when Time Warner’s New Line Cinema made Blade movies? No crossing over into the DC Universe with that character. 

Just because you own a bunch of franchises doesn’t mean everything has to cross over. You don’t see Harry Potter crossing over with Tim Hunter and the Books of Magic. You don’t see Freddy Kreuger taking on the Winchester Brothers of Supernatural. Don’t you think Warner Bros would make Batman v Harry Potter: The Boys Who Lived if they wanted to? 

So, get that out of your head, because unless Disney bought Time Warner (and they won’t), you’ll never see Batman and Wolverine in the same live-action film.



So the new toy theme for Wendy’s Kids’ Meals (from 5.26.14 to 7.7.14) is Superman|Wonder Woman, featuring toys and imagery thematically centered on the two lead powerhouses of DC Comics. These include disc toss and speed challenge games, a swooping Superman glider, a Wonder…

Why is it so hard and “tricky” for DC Comics and Warner Bros. to create a Wonder Woman?

If you have an established character … hell, if you have JUST A CHARACTER and are capable of creating a story around that character, you have the beginnings of film.

This is not rocket science. It’s movie making. 

If fans could make small trailers that show off what a film COULD look like (like this one and this one), they’ve shown more guts than a major movie studio ever could. These fans actually have something people could actually watch. 

In 2009, Warner Bros. Animation released an animated film with a solid story. No problem. They could literally tell that story in its entirety in a live-action film with no effort. 

Look at other Warner Bros. heroines captured on film for examples of how to set up Wonder Woman.

  • Trinity from the Matrix films
  • Daenerys Targaryen, Sansa Stark, and Arya Stark from Game of Thrones
  • Io from Clash of the Titans and Andromeda from Wraith of the Titans 
  • Gorgo and Artemisia from the 300 films
  • Faora from Man of Steel

Or you could, you know, read the decades of Wonder Woman comics that continue to be published to this date (if Wonder Woman was tricky and impossible to tell stories for, she would have disappeared shortly after she was created in 1941) as well as the countless cartoon shorts,TV shows, animated films, and animated series the character has appeared in over the decades.   

What exactly are you afraid of DC/Warner Bros? That you’d make a bad film? Just try it again like you did after Superman IV and Batman and Robin and what you’ll probably do after Green Lantern.

Are you afraid that it’ll be a GOOD film and that you’d have to make some more with possibly more female characters?

That’s not a bad thing. That’s a GREAT thing! The comic film industry needs a lot more estrogen in it, you know?

Are you afraid that boys won’t root for female characters? Seriously? That’s a pretty myopic opinion to have in the 21st century where heroines dominate the big screen and the small screen. 

I think the bottom line is I’m just sick and tired of asking why there isn’t a live-action Wonder Woman film and even more ticked about pleading and begging for one to a studio that should have greenlit it decades ago. 

It’s getting old, and I’m sick of hearing WB/DC’s excuses over and over. Stop making excuses and make the Wonder Woman movie. 

A relic from a network’s past. 

Long time ago, when Nickelodeon was just a part of Warner Amex Cable’s QUBE system and not quite a stand-alone network, they put anything kid-friendly on that they could produce, including a show like Video Comics.

What’s Video Comics? 

Literally what it says on the tin, an on-air dramatic reading of comics, in this case DC Comics (one of Warner Amex’s parent companies was Warner Communications, owners of DC Comics, so, they came pretty easily). It may seemed odd at the time, but it blends comic imagery with radio acting. It’s kind of like a primitive motion comic before such a thing existed. 

Pretty brilliant. 

So, check out this rarely-seen episode of Video Comics featuring the origin of Swamp Thing. 

Now That The Movement Is Canceled…

… are there any more books featuring Wildstorm characters and elements in the New 52? It seems like nearly every book with Wildstorm characters is getting the boot. Stormwatch is ending soon, The Ravagers, Grifter, and Voodoo ended before them. Even Superboy and Teen Titans are getting rebooted for some reason. 

So, it seems like one of the big draws of the New 52 (the integration of Wildstorm in the new universe) might be coming to an end, unless they’re planning to do something else with those characters. 

Not really holding my breath on that one.